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Free to good home! [Jun. 2nd, 2009|01:14 pm]
Dragon Gifting Community

 Spring Egg.     (Caveborn winter x Caveborn Daydream)

AIM: Monsqueek7

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Rares Free to Good Homes! [May. 10th, 2009|07:48 am]
Dragon Gifting Community

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I currently have:

1 Geode  (transfer pending)

1 Bred Silver

If anyone here has none, please post your scroll and IM ID as well as the best time you can be found online EST today and they are yours! :)
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Introducing Clan Mudita [Apr. 13th, 2009|07:18 pm]
Dragon Gifting Community

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Many of my Dragoneering Friends know that I was working on starting my own DC Clan. Well, last night I got my first egg of the Mudita line!

It's a little Silver, and it's up for adoption.

Here are the stipulations:

1.) Its surname must be Mudita and all of its offspring must have that surname.

2.) No inbreeding.

3.) No freezing/killing.

4.) You may gift it or its offspring to someone else, but they must be informed of the stipulations.

In case you didn't know, Mudita is the Buddhist word for Sympathetic Joy. :) And if you want I can give you a link with other Buddhist terms to use as first names. Although as long as all of these dragons carry the surname Mudita, I'm happy.

So--who would like my first Mudita egg? :D

If interested, please respond with your IM ID and a link to your scroll. And know that I will choose carefully who gets this egg.

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Dragons Free to Good Homes! [Mar. 8th, 2009|08:59 am]
Dragon Gifting Community

[Current Location |Enterprise Command Chair]
[Current Mood |busy]

I have the following dragon eggs and hatchlings to offer. They are gifts for the first to respond.

1 Female Pebble, mother is a Valentine

2 1 Male Mint

1 Mint egg

1 Common Ungendered Black

10  8 Black eggs (try your luck at an Alt)

1 Split egg

1 Winter egg hatchling

1 Guardian egg

1 Frill egg

If interested, please respond with your IM ID and what time today you will be online. I only have time to move these today before 9pm EST and cannot hold them for you. Thanks! :)
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3 Silver babies, free to good (new) scrolls [Mar. 2nd, 2009|04:54 pm]
Dragon Gifting Community

I have 3 silvers - 1 hatchling and 2 eggs. All of them are bred from my dragons and are not inbred. I would like them to go to scrolls that have no more than 1 silver dragon already. My only other requirements are that they be named and not killed. Leave a message if you are interested in one!

My scroll is here: http://dragcave.net/user/lady2beetle (the cracked silver is not available, the other 3 silvers are).
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Who would like a Silver? [Feb. 28th, 2009|06:53 am]
Dragon Gifting Community

[Current Location |Enterprise Command Chair]
[Current Mood |busy]

I have either a Silver egg or hatchling for the first person who doesn't already have one. If interested, please post your scroll, IM ID and when you're usually online--thanks! :)

(And I often have extra Silvers now, so you can also respond even if you already have some Silvers and I'll put you on my waiting list.)
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Free Green Dino [Jan. 30th, 2009|08:51 pm]
Dragon Gifting Community

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[Current Mood |tiredtired]

This Dino is free to a good home since I really dislike Dinos, yet I always manage to snag them from the cave entrance. -_-

Do NOT kill this egg, though you can trade it and do whatever you want - freeze it, name it 'fluffy sweety pumpkin green', I could really care less. I just want this guy off my scroll.

My YIM is digidestinedoflight, though if you don't have one I can trade over the dcfansite trade post if need be - or I can open up a chat room, which is usually the easiest thing to do. ^^

I've also posted this on dragonbrood.

EDIT: Gone
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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2009|11:40 pm]
Dragon Gifting Community

I happened to trade off the paper I had CB silver egg. Because of the CB status, this egg has some special requirements before I give it away.

The terms and the eggCollapse )

Cross posted in dragonbrood
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Master Dragon List [Jan. 23rd, 2012|04:54 pm]
Dragon Gifting Community

Please read the rules on the other info page before posting.

If you would like to be added to any of the lists below, please post your scroll, contact info, and which lists you would like to be added too.

The lists (very long)Collapse )
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