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Gifting Dragons to People
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Community Information:

This is a community for dragcave members to gift rare dragons to people who have none. We also gift commons to people who want them.

- Gifting Dragons is risky and is not 100% successful due to other fast clickers in the AP.
- The code for receiving a dragon is http://dragcave.net/abandoned/code Replace code with the dragon's code that you are trying to receive.

Please note that the Master List Post may not be at the top of the page due to post-dating not working with communities. I will try to update it and move it to the top daily.

Potential receivers:
- If you would like to be added to a list, please post on the master post and you will be added to the list.
- There is not a size limit on any of the lists, we only ask that you post your scroll and a way to contact you when you make the request.
- I will only show the top 10 people on the list, but I will keep a running list on my computer, so if you do not see your name or an opening, don't panic, you still are on the list.
- If you receive a dragon on the list you are one, please request that your name is removed from the list.
- You may be on up to 3 rare lists at one time and up to 6 common lists at one time.
- You may not request a gender for the rares, but you may request a gender for the commons.

Potential Gifters:
- You can gift one of 2 ways
1) You can select a person from the master lists (top person is preferred because they were there first)
2) You can make a post saying you have a free dragon and see who responds
- Please check their scroll before you gift to them.
- Please to not expect anything in return. If a person wishes to reward you, you may accept, but don't treat the gifting like a trade.

Other rules
- No trading, trading may be done on other communities (listed below)


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